Top 4 Musical Instruments

Music is the food of body and soul. Good music can be a very good source of stress and tension relief. As the thirst for music increases, there is an increasing demand of musical instruments. There are many musical instruments out there each producing a different and unique sound. Some of the instruments are costly, some are cheap. Some are small while others are large. Some musical instruments are easy to play and learn while others are complex and require time and efforts to learn. This article will give you an overview of some of the most popular musical instruments out there:


  1. If we rate Electric Guitar as the top used and liked musical instrument, it will not be something surprising. An electric guitar uses pickups which convert vibration of strings of the guitar into electric current. These guitar bodies are made of wood and can be hollow or solid. Electric guitars have become much famous and almost every music lover has it. There is a huge variety of electric guitars available in the market with different makes and models. Different manufacturers of electric guitars include Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, ESP, Washburn etc. Electric guitars are advanced forms of simple guitars and use amplifiers to amplify the sound. The use of electric guitars have given new horizons to the music industry as it can produced different specialized sounds. These are widely used to produce pop music, rock, rock and roll, jazz etc.

  1. Piano can be termed as the most famous of all the musical instruments. It has the ability to produce and cover full spectrum of almost all musical instruments in the orchestra. This great ability of the piano is unique and it produces very melodious sounds. A piano typically consists of a keyboard having different keys and is played with both hands. The combination of the keys produces different types of melodious tunes. Piano experts have good coordination and combination of both hands while playing it as it is the key.

  1. The next comes in is the Flute. Flute perhaps is the simplest of the above two musical instruments but produces a very unique melodious sound and this simplicity and ability to produce heart touching tunes puts him at this place. Flute is liked by most of the music lovers.

  1. Drums are also very popular musical fellows and are very simple to play. Drums are usually played with 2 sticks which produce a very different and rhythemic sound. Almost all musical activities carry drums with them and you will see drums in all musical functions and performances. Playing drums is not very difficult. If you are a drum lover, you can start learning and producing the sound almost from your first lesson. But ofcourse to achieve excellence, you need time and effort to master these drums.

There are a number of other musical instruments as well but in this article, we have tried to bring the top four which are most liked and widely played across the world.

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